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Sep 3, 2011 1:30pm EDT
travels became fascinated with the bizarre and unusual. was kinda like the real life indiana jones and lived by the adage that fact was stranger than fiction. >> the odditorium has hundreds of exhibits. from freaks of nature to medieval torture devices to some very strange customs. stephen ekstrom is our guide through this weird and wonderful place. there's so much to see that i asked steven to show us his top five favorite exhibits. so where do we start? >> this way. follow me. we're going to start with my fifth favorite thing in the attraction. that is the world's largest public display of shrunken human heads. these are all real human heads like this one right here, that were shrunk by their we've got about two dozen on display here and that's more than you'll find at the smithsonian. >> how does a head shrink like that? >> we actually have a ten-step recipe up on the wall, but it starts with beheading your enemies, preferably when they're dead. then you stew it and smoke it, it's kind of likel leathering. you remove the skull before that and you fill it with hot sand and stone and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1